Lockdown Hobbies

Welcome Back Guys!

Covid-19 has resulted in a lot of changes to people’s normal lives, especially with lockdown and the closing of most non-essential businesses. Hobbies and activities that were in enclosed public spaces and/or with other people have been suspended and so people have been turning to other activities to occupy their time. Especially since a large proportion of people have either been furloughed from work or are working from home so they understandably find themselves with more time.

I have still been working as I work in a school, but I’ve only been in about once a week which leaves me with a lot more free time, especially since i live on my own and haven’t been able to go and visit family and friends. This has meant I’ve been both spending more time doing things that I enjoy but haven’t had much time for as well as learning new hobbies.

So here are my top 5 hobbies that I’ve discovered and re-discovered.

1. Reading
I love to read. I’ve always been a big reader but finding time to just sit down and read can be difficult. However, since we’ve had a lot of sun I’ve been going to my local park and just sitting and reading for a couple of hours and it’s been lovely.

2. Writing
I think this one goes hand in hand with the first one because the more I read the more I tend to write. I’ve also always wrote, normally short stories and the such, but I’ve now also started this blog which I’m very excited about. I’m excited to have somewhere to post my thoughts and opinions and I hope people enjoy reading them too.

3. Exploring
I moved into a new place in November and a combination of the weather and working has meant I’ve not really walked around. However, lockdown has changed that and I’m so glad it did. I had no idea I lived next to a very large park, a dene and the grounds of a hall which you can walk through. It’s been lovely to discover these places.

4. Colouring in/puzzles/dot to dots
I’ve always had colouring and puzzle books in the flat but I only ever really use them when I’m travelling. However, with all this free time I’ve had lately, notably the lack of commute, I’ve been doing more colouring and puzzle and it’s been quite therapeutic and good for my mental health.

5. Knitting
This is a new hobby that I’ve only picked up due to lockdown and I love it! Since I’ve only just started I’m not the best but I think I’ve done a good job so far and I’ve got the basics down. I’m excited to keep practising and learning and to see what else I can make.

What hobbies did you pick back up or discover during this time?

Shannon x

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